About Us

Based in Lisburn, County Down, the Unicorn Group own a number manufacturing companies across multiple industries and distribute products to customers worldwide. The Group is currently going through a continued period of rapid growth, through business acquisitions and increased sales activity. 

Planning a company acquisition can be a time consuming and technical process for both parties, which means you need to be confident that the partner you choose to work with is the right one. Unicorn Group's management team have extensive experience in making this process as simple for you as possible. 

We will attempt to ensure any company we acquire maintains trading and fulfils existing commitments. We will always place the existing staff at the forefront of our acquisition strategies, making sure that the impact on them and their families is as minimal as possible. 


Acquisition Interests

Unicorn Group is interested in acquiring part or whole businesses in the B2B sector and is particularly interested in:

  • Businesses exporting products they manufacture or own the design rights to

  • B2B Technology Companies

  • Steel fabrication (not structural)

  • Injection moulding

  • Chemical manufacturers or suppliers

  • Injection moulding tool makers

  • Washroom Service Companies

Whilst we have acquired a number of distressed businesses from administrators and liquidators, we are also interested in profitable trading businesses and those that are no longer core to operations or where the owner is planning to retire.


Potential Acquisitions

Unicorn Group target businesses with up to £5M turnover which are based in the UK, Ireland and Europe. We have the ability to move quickly in distressed situations if required and are discreet and knowledgeable in this particular area. Unicorn Group have management and financial resources in place with expertise in completing deals in a short period of time.

Some of the key criteria and characteristics for a Unicorn Group acquisition

  • Strong presence and good reputation in their market
  • Products or services which are purchased by customers on a regular, repeat basis
  • Products and services that differentiate them from their competitors
  • Potential to expand their products or services into new markets, both by sector and geographically
  • Sales and marketing experience

Contact us with any enquiries

Call +44 (0) 28 9262 5898 info@unicorn-group.com