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Unicorn Hygienics

Acquired in 2001 as Selfserve Hygiene Limited, based in Surrey as the UK’s largest washroom vending machine manufacturer. After the acquisition the company was relocated to Northern Ireland and the business was rebranded as Unicorn Selfserve. In 2004 the company’s range was expanded to include sanitary bins, air fresheners and WC & Urinal cleaners, primarily focusing on the washroom service market. To reflect the recent changes and to build a stronger market presence, the company rebranded in 2009 as Unicorn Hygienics.
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Acquired in 2009, Flexi-Tile is now an integral addition to Unicorn Flooring Limited, one of the leading brands in the global Interlocking Floor Tile market. Operating primarily across the UK and Europe, the Flexi-Tile brand has an extensive network of distributors, supported by multi-lingual staff in our Head Office in Northern Ireland. Flexi-Tile products are used in a broad range of Industrial, Commercial and Private applications including factories, warehouses, retail stores, airports and garages.
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Ecoloc Flooring

Founded in 1983, Ecoloc is the original producer of interlocking floor tile systems. Ecoloc flooring is extremely durable and easy to install on practically any surface. Since pioneering the development and production of this loose-lay flooring system, Ecoloc has grown to become the quality choice for industrial, garage and commercial flooring. With the acquisition of Ecoloc, Unicorn Group has grown to become the largest producer and supplier of loose lay flooring tiles in Europe.
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PFC Rainwater Ltd

Acquired in 2018, PFC Rainwater Systems Ltd. specialises in a wide range of services and rainwater products, manufactured from Aluminium, Cast Aluminium, Cast Iron, Galvanised Steel and Stainless Steel. Established in 1994 the company has become a market leader in the rainwater systems industry, delivering high quality guttering and fittings to period and contemporary buildings in domestic, commercial and industrial settings.
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