Ecoloc Flooring

Founded in 1983, Ecoloc is the original producer of interlocking floor tile systems. Ecoloc flooring is extremely durable and easy to install on practically any surface. Since pioneering the development and production of this loose-lay flooring system, Ecoloc has grown to become the quality choice for industrial, garage and commercial flooring. With the acquisition of Ecoloc, Unicorn Group has grown to become the largest producer and supplier of loose lay flooring tiles in Europe.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property forms an important part of the Unicorn Group’s business, with Ecoloc currently owning patents for ESD Interlocking Floor Tiles in many countries across Europe. These products are an important part of the Ecoloc range, particularly for automotive production and industrial applications. Patented Ecoloc ESD flooring is currently installed for in production facilities for a number of major car manufacturers and multinational technology companies.


Effective transition

With our experience of producing and distributing industrial and commercial flooring, Unicorn Group has developed a reputation for providing customers with top quality products and first-class service. Ecoloc has been the first choice for numerous businesses across the world for over 30 years and Unicorn Group continues to develop and manufacture products that meet the highest quality and safety standards. The smooth transition for Ecoloc suppliers and customers into the Unicorn Group has been key to the continued growth and development of the company.

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