Acquired in 2009, Flexi-Tile is now an integral addition to Unicorn Flooring Limited, one of the leading brands in the global Interlocking Floor Tile market. Operating primarily across the UK and Europe, the Flexi-Tile brand has an extensive network of distributors, supported by multi-lingual staff in our Head Office in Northern Ireland.

Flexi-Tile products are used in a broad range of Industrial, Commercial and Private applications including factories, warehouses, retail stores, airports and garages. 

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Core Business

Made in Unicorn Group’s HQ production facility, Flexi-Tile interlocking floor tiles are produced 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. This ensures that the company accommodates all orders and is able to react to large scale requests within a short period of time. With distribution partners across the world, Flexi-Tile is a truly international, innovative business.


Product and Service

Versatile, durable and easily installed, Flexi-Tile offers the widest range of loose-lay interlocking flooring available on the market. Injection moulded, these high performance polymer interlocking floor tiles are designed to take the punishment and daily rigours of industrial machinery and heavy loads, yet look stylish, attractive and professional.

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