Unicorn Hygienics

Acquired in 2001 as Selfserve Hygiene Limited, based in Surrey as the UK’s largest washroom vending machine manufacturer. After the acquisition the company was relocated to Northern Ireland and the business was rebranded as Unicorn Selfserve. In 2004 the company’s range was expanded to include sanitary bins, air fresheners and WC & Urinal cleaners, primarily focusing on the washroom service market. To reflect the recent changes and to build a stronger market presence, the company rebranded in 2009 as Unicorn Hygienics. The company continues to combine a drive to create cutting edge products with ongoing investment in research and development.

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Core Business

Unicorn Hygienics has two core business lines, vending and washroom. Vending includes the design and manufacture of vending machines and the packing of vending consumables in it's cleanroom. Washroom products include air fresheners, WC & Urinal cleaners and refills. Unicorn Hygienics is currently one of the global market leaders in this sector, selling to the washroom service market including blue chip companies. Unicorn Hygenics exports to 24 different countries across Europe, Middle East, South America and Australia. As a result of the multi-national nature of the business, the company has since built a number of strategic partnerships across the globe.


Product & Service

From initially importing the majority of components and fragrance products, Unicorn Hygienics now manufactures in-house, cutting carbon emissions whilst ensuring product quality and testing requirements that exceed industry standards. As a result of in-house production, Unicorn Hygienics is consistently at the fore-front of industry innovation and development and looking to continue this trend into the future.

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